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Volume 9
Spotlight on Sponsors:
  • Megan's national radio appearance.
  • Megan's personal invitation and appearance at General Electric.
  • 60 seconds with Kristi Riley
  • Megan has recently joined the Motorsports Lounge Team
  • 18 month calendar honoring women in racing.
"Have great hopes and dare to go all out for them. Have tremendous expectations and believe in them."
- Norman Vincent Peale
Recent Events:
Denny and Mary Ann Motter have known the Reitenours' for three years. The Motter's purchased a quarter midget for their grandson and Megan and Bill were instrumental in helping them get started in the series. Denny was raised around racing and he has always been an avid race fan. Denny also was a successful sprint car driver. Denny said, "I've been around racing my entire life and I have had the opportunity to watch Megan and her abilities on and off the track. We decided to contribute at another level and become sponsors". Denny and Mary Ann Motter are not only sponsors but they also hold key positions within the team. Denny is our team manager and is tremendous in helping to work on the racecar and at the track. Mary Ann is our records keeper/ financial manger of Megan Reitenour Racing, LLC. They are instrumental to our team and our success. We feel fortunate to have them as part of our team.
  • Megan appeared as a guest on WLW 700 Radio. She was on the radio during the Tide Racing Report with Bill "Seg" Dennison. The top of discussion was about the Chase and the drivers that were fortunate enough to be in and the shocking revelation of the ones that didn't make the chase (Megan's favorite driver being one, Tony Stewart, sorry Megan).
Megan's career highlights and accomplishments were also reviewed and several people called in to ask her questions or comment on her career and her projected plans for the future. Megan said, "I had a great time visiting the radio station and one of the neatest things about it was WLW Radio is broadcast nationwide. I have many relatives and some sponsors that live in different states that were able to listen and even participated in the live broadcast. It was fun and a great opportunity for me and I really appreciate the invitation."
  • Megan had a personal appearance and autograph session at General Electric. Megan was invited for a second season to appear at General Electric. Megan was on site the entire day at the plant for their celebration on the safety re-certification of the company. There was an employee car show and craft exhibit contest. Megan's car was on display and she singed several autographs and memorabilia. Megan said "I love to visit GE. It is one of my favorite appearances that I do throughout the year. The people there are so nice, encouraging and supportive with regards to my career. I can't thank them enough for their support. Keep it safe!!!"
  • "We've had several people inquire from the website about a status report on Megan's racing season. Megan's mother, Tabatha Reitenour thought who better to give this information then I. My name is, Kristi Riley and I'm one of Megan's best friends and the fan club president of Megan Reitenour Racing, LLC.  I've known Megan for three years and we became great friends once she returned to Miamisburg. I truly admire her determination and dedication to a sport that is no doubt not easy but is one that she truly loves. I also have the pleasure of cheering with Megan and hanging out with her when she is able to do so with her demanding schedule. Megan so far this season has competed in twenty six races and has had twenty four top ten finishes. She has finished fourth in the Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana Legends Series Tour, Semi Pro Division.  Megan is the youngest driver to finish in the top five and the first ever female in the series history to finish in the top ten. Megan won the 2006 Young Lions State of Ohio Championship, ranking in the top 20% in the nation of the Semi-Pro Division. She also had the opportunity to race dirt for the first time in her career. She raced at Lawrenceburg, IN two times this season and placed second in her division both times. Megan feels like the experience on dirt was invaluable. She said, "I feel like dirt racing helps me be a better asphalt racer and I want to get as much experience as I can to become the best driver that I can be." It sure looks like she is putting the experience to good use. All of these accomplishments achieved in just her first year in the series. We are truly proud of you Meg, keep up the good work."
  • Megan has recently joined the Motorsports Lounge Team. This is website based on forums where driver's can post comments, results, recent and upcoming events to share with fellow competitors or race fans. To check out this unique site, go to, select the 600 Racing Series and select Megan's name. There is now a new option available on the site where you can vote for your favorite "Team ML Driver of the Year", so please visit the site and make your vote count!!!
  • There is an eighteen-month calendar honoring women in racing. This calendar is in support of Lyn St James, Women in the Winner's Circle Foundation. There are many successful and upcoming female drivers that appear in this calendar. All the proceeds will go to the Women in the Winner's Circle Foundation and can be purchased from Lyn St James website @ or Megan's website @
  • Megan's race car was on display and she was on hand to sign autographs at two Wal-Mart grand openings, one being in Colerain, OH and the other being in Hamilton, OH. Megan signed hundreds of autographs and had a great time answering questions about racing, her career and getting the opportunity to meet new people.
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