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Volume 8
  • Megan's personal  appearances and autograph sessions.
  • Megan Reitenour attends "Women in the Winner's Circle" Event.
  • Megan is honored as VIP at Kentucky Speedway IRL Event.
"It is a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it."
- W. Somerset Maugham
Recent Events:
Shark Motor Sports (Mark and Shari Johnson) got involved with Reitenour Racing just by being friends of the family.  They were very interested in Megan's racing career and decided to join her "team" via sponsorship.

They have been sponsoring Megan for the last 6 years and have enjoyed going to watch her race when they have the time.  They also attended the regional banquet in 2005 with Megan and her family and enjoyed it very much.  They continue to support Megan's career aspirations and hope to attend future banquets with Reitenour Racing.
  • Megan had a personal appearance and autograph session at Ron's Pizza, in her home town of Miamisburg, Ohio. The town sponsored a car show called "Cruise the Burg" where over 200 cars and collectors turned out for the event. Megan said, "it was great to visit with my fans, friends and family. With my schedule I do not get the opportunity to visit as much as I would like to and it was nice to see such a turn out. I really appreciate all the kind words of support and interest in my racing career."
  • Megan appeared at the NASCAR show at Kroger's on Tylersville Road in West Chester, Ohio. It was also a great turn out of cars and race fans. Megan had the pleasure of meeting, Bill "Seg" Dennison of WLW 700 Radio. Megan also took some time to test her skills on the NASCAR simulators that were on site for the event. Megan signed many autographs and even had several people from the event call into WLW Radio Station during the Tide Racing Report to comment on how nice it was to meet her and how informative she was regarding her car and career.
  • Megan was invited to attend the fourth annual Women in the Winner's Circle event hosted by Lyn St. James at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indianapolis, Indiana. This year's event was held at the speedway for the first time in its history and the drivers were escorted via grand prix racing themed limousine from the hotel to the event. Megan said, "It was an awesome event and I was honored to be invited. Lyn does so much for women in racing and I'm so thankful to be given the opportunity to participate". To top it off, Megan was able to meet Sarah Fisher, Ashley Force, Melanie Troxel, Allison Duncan, and Sondi Eden just to name a few.
The event was started four years ago by Lyn St. James in order to help women with their racing careers.  She felt that overall, women still needed sponsorship, recognition, and opportunities to advance in the racing community.  Women in the Winner's Circle is a celebration of the progress that women have made in this demanding sport, and a discussion of the challenges that lie ahead.  The sole purpose of this event is to help women in their aspirations as professional race car drivers.
The day started with a driver's meeting where the agenda was reviewed and the women rehearsed their entrances for the "walk of champions".  This was followed by a reception where Anne Stevens, COO of Ford Motor Company (their first ever females chief operating officer of Ford Motor Company) was a guest speaker. The drivers were able to meet with the distinguished guests including representatives from NASCAR, ARCA, IRL, ALMS, USAC, WKA, Toyota, Ford Racing, GM Racing, Richard Childress Racing, Roush Racing, Don Schumacher Racing, Bell Helmets, Lady Eagle, and Safety-Kleen just to name a few.  Autographs were given during this time and the women then moved to the location where the "walk of champions" was held. 

The "walk of champions" then took place.  Each driver was introduced with a list of their career highlights and accomplishments. The drivers were then released for a short lunch break where a catered lunch was served.
The day concluded with Lyn St. James thanking the women and executives for attending and wishing everyone a safe racing season.
  • Megan Reitenour, her family, and racing team attended the IRL Race at Kentucky Speedway where Megan was honored as one of the VIPs of the day. The day started with picking up credentials and being briefed on the itinerary for the day's events by Mr. Tim Bray, Director of Communications for Kentucky Speedway.
Spending time in the garage area was next and who better to spend it with than Sarah Fisher as she prepared for the race.  She did an on the spot interview with Megan that will be aired on the Let's Just Talk Radio Show hosted by, Kathryn Raaker. Megan thanked Sarah for the interview and wished her the best of luck for a successful day of racing.
Photographer T Terentowicz
Next stop was the Andretti-Green garage. Mr. Kim Green, owner of Andretti-Green Racing, took time to meet with them and also did an on the spot interview with Megan. The interview began with a recap of the event where Megan and Mr. Green had previously met, Women in the Winner's Circle. He then discussed his race team, drivers, and things he anticipated for the race. He ended the conversation by encouraging Megan to pursue more open wheel racing experience. Megan thanked Mr. Green for his time and wished him luck for the race.
Photographer T Terentowicz
After a quick lunch in the press room, Megan was introduced to Anthony Munzo, former Cincinnati Bengals and hall of fame tackle.  They were escorted to the front stretch of the track where the pre-race introduction would take place.

Photographer T Terentowicz
Once the pre-race festivities were completed, they headed back towards the pit area where they talked with Mr. Tom Anderson, owner of Fernandez Racing, who Megan had also previously met at the Women in the Winner's Circle event.  He reviewed his team's successes at Kentucky Speedway and spoke of his high expectations and hopes for the race. She wished him best of luck in the race and continued through the pit area.
Photographer T Terentowicz
While walking through the pits,they happened to see Mr. Gene Simmons and Megan asked him to take a picture with her.  He insisted she pop the collar off her shirt before the picture was taken. She commented on his television show and how much she liked it. They moved on to the press box located at the finish line on the back stretch of the speedway to watch the race.
Megan recapped the day on the drive back to Miamisburg by saying, "This is one of the coolest things I've ever had the opportunity to do. Kentucky Speedway is a great facility where I enjoy competing, but being a part of the pre-race festivities, meeting some of the drivers and owners, having pit passes, and sitting in the press box was AWESOME!!  I appreciate the efforts of everyone who pulled this together for me." Special thanks to Jerry Carroll, Tim Bray, Kathy Irwin, Kathryn Raaker, Denny & Mary Ann Motter , Tony Terentowicz, and all of the staff at Kentucky Speedway.
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