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  • Megan's movie debut.
  • Megan Reitenour adopts the CURED foundation.
  • Megan is selected for the high school JV and Competition Cheerleading Team.
  • Megan appears at special event.
"Stick to the fight when you're hardest hit, it's when things seem worst that you must not quit." - Unknown
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Quality Architectural & Fabrication Inc. - Quality Architectural & Fabrication, Inc., located at 10 Shotwell Drive in Franklin, Ohio, is a company specializing in one of a kind designs & installations of custom ornamental hard rails, monumental stairs and spiral staircases. QAF has an impressive clientele including the U.S. Embassy, Universal Studios, Saks Fifth Avenue and high schools and museums all around the world. Quality and service are standards at QAF. Their reputation and leadership in the industry today is second to none.
  • Megan appeared in an action thriller movie called "Blood Stalk". It is a Fast Talk'N Productions movie, which will be presented to all the major companies for release. The movie is a horror movie starring and produced by, Joe Estevez and Kerry Wallum. The majority of the filming took place in Waco, Texas, but Megan's part was filmed at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, Texas. She portrays herself, a professional racecar driver.
Megan's parents accompanied her to the event. The family arrived for the kick off of the pre-production party celebrating the start of the movie. Producer, Kerry Wallum and the crew were on hand. Kathryn Raaker introduced Megan and her family to the crowd. Megan's racecar and portfolio were put on display at the event. Megan was invited on stage to say a few words. She expressed her excitement and appreciation for being given the opportunity to appear in the movie. Megan told a little about her family and her career in racing and welcomed the spectators to ask her any questions. She gave away memorabilia and signed autographs.
The event was held at an authentic Texas ranch. There was a Texan cook out and country sensation, Billy Ray Reynolds and his band entertained throughout the evening. Megan had her first horseback-riding lesson. She said, "It was definitely a different horse power than I'm used to, but I really enjoyed the ride".
The next day the crew and movie cast were off to Texas Motor Speedway where they were joined by Kent and LaQuinta Reitenour, Megan's uncle and aunt, who drove from Altus, Oklahoma to watch her debut.

Footage of Megan and her race team was shot for the entire day. The session started with how Megan prepares for a race, consisting of set up, and making adjustments to the car. Followed by practice, heat races, feature races, and the pre and post driver interviews. Megan finished third in her heat race and sixth overall. She said, "I was pretty pleased with how my team and I did considering we couldn't get the car exactly right and we had never raced at Texas Motor Speedway before. It really is an awesome facility and was a great experience, one which I would like to do again some time soon."

Kerry Wallum, one of the producer's of the movie has been a bull rider and stuntman for the last twenty years. He has been in movies such as, Young Guns II, The Rock, and Die Hard II. He has also been a stunt double for well known stars like, Kiefer Sutherland, Sean Connery, Nicholas Cage, and Lee Majors. He said, "Very few things impress me since I've jumped off buildings, done stunt car driving, been set on fire, and made a living as a stuntman and bull rider for most of my life. I was truly impressed by spending the day with Megan and witnessing her abilities on and off the track."

The movie will appear some time in January of 2007. The producers of the movie have already been talking to Megan about having a full role in the sequel, and are discussing a new movie project called, "Border Patrol". Megan said, "This was a wonderful opportunity and experience for my family and me. Anything that helps contribute to my racing career, I'm excited to be a part of. I want to thank Kerry Wallum, Joe Estevez, Kathryn Raaker, Kathy Hardt, Robert and Melva Campbell, Billy Ray Reynolds and all the movie crew and cast, for all their southern hospitality. There truly is nothing like it."

After finishing the movie the Reitnours' took some family time and R&R. They visited Six Flags in Texas for some never-ending need for speed, South Fork Ranch, where the hit show Dallas was filmed, and kicked back at the Willie Nelson & Friends Picnic in the Park Bash. Billy Ray Reynolds provided the Reitenour family with backstage passes where they were able to get a closer look at the performers and mingle with the members of the bands. The concert went on late into the night and the family ended the celebration by watching Fourth of July fireworks.

The following day they drove straight back to Ohio in order to make the race at Kil-Kare Speedway in Xenia, Ohio. Kil-Kare is one of Megan's favorite tracks and it was well worth the long drive to make the race. Megan qualified first in her set of Semi-Pro Division drivers and finished forth in the heat race and eleventh out of twenty four participants in Masters, Pro and Semi-Pro Divisions.

  • Megan appeared at the grand opening of the Forest Park Plaza Wal-mart in Cincinnati, Ohio. Megan signed a lot of autographs and had the pleasure of meeting Tonya McQueen, committee member of (CURED) - Campaign Urging Research for Eosinophlic Disease. Ms. McQueen's son Toby suffers with Eosinophlic Enteropathy disease (also known as EE disease) and provided information about the CURED Foundation.
Megan had been searching for an organization to get involved with for a while and, after reading the information and Toby's story, she knew right away that this foundation had found her for a reason and she wanted to do everything in her power to help bring awareness and research to this organization.
Eosinophlic Disease is a very complicated and complex disease that attacks the digestive system and blood. This disease depletes the body of iron and essential nutrients necessary for proper development and physical growth. In many cases, children develop severe damage to their digestive tracts and have symptoms of fever, pain, heartburn, and stomach problems. This in turn causes victims to quit eating and drinking altogether due to the severity of the discomfort involved. They then must rely on simplified liquid formula or a feeding tube for their daily nutrition.
Megan has had the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with Toby. Megan said "I knew from the time I first met Toby that we would get along and become great friends, after all we both have the same favorite NASCAR Nextel driver in common, Tony Stewart Nextel Cup Champion.

Toby has been Megan's honored guest at one of the racing events and she recently appeared and signed autographs at a charity event to raise money for progressive medical research for this disease. Megan said, "You can't tell just by looking at Toby that anything is wrong. He always has such a big smile on his face. He is a great inspiration to me and others, but I also know the pain that he and other children like him have to deal with on a daily basis." Please join Megan in helping support research and bring awareness for this terrible disease. Monetary donations are accepted or you can volunteer your time. Interested parties can contact Ms. McQueen at or click on the direct link from the home page of my website. If we all contribute we can make a difference for suffers of this disease. The things these children suffer through are something that no child should even have to deal with. Please help Toby and this cause."
  • Megan was selected for the Miamisburg High School JV Basketball and Competition Cheer Team. Megan commented, "This is only my second year of cheering and I am amazed by the caliber of athletes that makes up our team and our dedication to teamwork. I'm truly proud to be a part of this and I look forward to the season ahead."
The team has a regimen of tumbling relays as well as conditioning and weightlifting practices. Megan said she feels cheerleading and the regimen included helps her with the endurance that she needs for racing and keeps her in shape year round.
  • Megan appeared as a special guest at the Ageless Entertainers finale event in Cincinnati, Ohio. Several celebrity judges appeared for the event including Motor Sports Management Team Kathryn Raaker (also host), Al Schwarzwalder, Fast Talk'N Productions; Kerry Wallum, Joe Estevez, Kentucky Speedway owner; Jerry Carroll and seven-time ARCA Champion Frank Kimmel. Megan commented; "It was fun for my dad and I to watch all of the talented performers and meet and mingle with the celebrity judges." The talent was comprised of not only singers but comedians as well.
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