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  • Megan Reitenour Racing welcomes new crew chief.
  • Megan receives Academic Achievement Award.
"You are not ever given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true." - Richard Bach

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Volume 6
Acorn Financial Services - Mike Salyers, owner of Acorn Financial Services, has been in business for over thirteen years. His business is a single source financial center located at 770 Congress Park Drive in Centerville, Ohio.

Acorn Financial Services offers a wide range of services from tax preparation (individual and business), insurance (auto, home, life, health, disability, and commercial), investments and financial consulting.  They also offer a variety of discounts for many occupations such as law enforcement, firefighters, nurses, doctors and teachers just to mention a few. Feel free to contact Mike and he'll be happy to consult with you about your financial needs.

On a personal note, Mike is a soccer enthusiast and has recently become a MLS (Major League Soccer) referee. What a great accomplishment!
  • Megan and her father, Bill Reitenour, were once again guests at the ARCA Race at Kentucky Speedway in Sparta, Kentucky on May 13, 2006.
After arriving at the speedway, they picked up their credentials and headed straight for the pit area. They visited with Megan's favorite ARCA Drivers, Todd Bowsher, Brandon Knupp and Frank Kimmel.

They were then invited by, Allen Schwarzwalder to the Pork Suite to enjoy the race. Megan races the quarter mile track at Kentucky Speedway on a regular basis and she said "being able to see the entire track was awesome".  She hopes one day soon to be able to race the entire 1.5 mile track.
It was a rough night for all of Megan's favorite drivers but still a great experience. We wanted to give a special thanks to Mark Gundrum, Vice President of ARCA, and The Motor Sports Management Team, Kathryn Raaker and Allen Schwarzwalder for the invitation and for all their valuable advice, efforts and time in regards to Megan's racing career. Megan commented that "this experience (like Daytona) makes me even more determined to focus on my career in racing".
  • Jerry Lachmann, Crew Chief of MRR (Megan Reitenour Racing) has resigned to pursue his own dreams of being a racer.
MRR owns a 1992 Chevy Beretta, but Megan is not old enough to race it, and since Jerry had dreams of pursuing his own racing career, MRR gave him the opportunity. Jerry had to do some work and modifications to the car in time to debut it on April 29, 2006 at Kil-Kare Speedway. He brought home a third place finish his very first time behind the wheel. He raced again on May 5th at Kil-Kare where he started tenth and battled his way to a win. Megan said "it was awesome and exciting to watch my friend and former crew chief have such a successful run, not to mention a great time by getting to race with him at the same track at the same event.
Jerry is as good a racer as he was a crew chief. We are all very proud of him. I truly hated to loose him but I'm happy to see him pursing his dreams."
  • MRR is excited and pleased to announce that Toby Alfrey has joined MRR as crew chief. Toby is also a Legend Racer with several years of experience in racing. He was a champion and contender in every series he competed in including karts, midgets, modifieds, and stock cars just to mention a few. Toby is a three-time track champion in the karts, received rookie of the year in three different series and won the Buckeye Bash in the Legend Division last season. Megan said "I'm so thankful to have Toby on board. He is a great inspiration and help to me. He tells me when I'm doing well and has no problem telling me what I need to do to get even better. Toby knows what he is doing since he has been in the same types of situations and has had many successes. I really value his opinion and want his advice. I feel so fortunate that he is part of my team." Along with being a proven racer, Toby is also the owner of Awesome Chassis, a company specializing in Legend car set up and repair.
Megan said "I have the best of both worlds. I'm still able to see and spend time with my former crew chief and yet race with my new crew chief. What more could a racer as for?"

On May 31, 2006 Megan was presented with a Certificate of Achievement Award for being an outstanding student. Ms. Kendrick, Megan's teacher stated, "I selected Megan for this award in my Skills for Living Class because she always has a positive attitude and a smile on her face. She works hard everyday, and she works well with everyone in class. I noticed from the very first day that Megan was so polite, she said thank you for everything even an assignment or homework. Megan is an excellent student and I have enjoyed every day I have had her in my class."
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