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"It's hard to beat a person who never gives up." - Babe Ruth
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PR Image Design - Penny R. Holm is founder and owner of PR Image Design located at 9018 S. Normandy Lane, Centerville, Ohio. The company is a full service design firm specializing in all media including print, video, web and television designs.

With over eighteen years of experience, the company has designed for a long list of influential clients ranging from medical and political to luxury car dealerships and public service just to mention a few. With the creativity and experience there is no question why PR Image Design has won numerous awards including the Gold and Silver Addy Award.

Their innovative designs set a precedence of excellence in the field today. In a competitive marketplace image and design are crucial for any business and first impressions can be the difference between success and failure.  She captures that very motto in her own slogan, "presentation is everything."
  • Megan and her father, Bill Reitenour, were invited as honored guests to attend the 2006 ARCA Race in Daytona, Florida.
Once arriving at the speedway, they picked up their credentials and headed straight for the pit area. Megan was introduced to Chuck Weber, an ARCA driver who gave her some sound advice: "Never give up on your dreams and you will make it." Megan had the pleasure of meeting several other important people in the racing community including Jay Signore (the founder of the IROC Series), Steve Wade (NASCAR Illustrated writer who asked her about a future article), and Todd Bowsher (who appeared with Megan in the fall of last year at Miami University).
They were then escorted to the ARCA Motor coach for a meeting with the Vice President of ARCA, Mark Gundrum. He took several hours out of his busy day to talk one on one with Megan regarding her goals and career path in racing.

He provided Megan with some insights into racing, information that she intends to take full advantage of.  Megan was then personally escorted by Mr. Gundrum throughout the ARCA pits and introduced to car owners, drivers, and officials. She was invited to continue her tour the next day and attended the driver's meeting.
Megan was then introduced to her favorite ARCA Driver, seven time champion Frank Kimmel. He invited them to watch the ARCA Happy Hour practice from the top of his hauler. After happy hour, he invited them to attend his pre-race festivities, where they were treated to pizza and beverages.  They spent the evening mingling with Mr. Kimmel and his crew.

After breakfast Saturday morning, they headed back to the track for more racing adventures. They spent a substantial amount of time with Brandon Knupp and Todd Bowsher, both local Ohio drivers and very successful ARCA racers. They then attended church services and headed to the drivers meeting where they went over the race rules and were updated on current weather conditions.   

Next they headed to pit lane to catch a glimpse of the Nextel Cup Cars taking their Saturday practice in preparation for the Daytona 500. Megan commented "if this weekend hasn't already been a racers dream come true, watching my favorite Nextel Cup driver Tony Stewart take the track for his practice session certainly was.  It is something I won't forget and look forward to doing myself someday."
  • Megan appeared as the featured driver and celebrity host on Radio Station 980 WONE - Kil-Kare Radio with opening remarks by Kyle Willets and assistance hosts Lee Raymond and Richard Waters.
The program started out with a review of the Daytona Race. The next section was about Megan, how her career started in racing, a review of her accomplishments, a moment for sponsor recognition, and her career goals in racing.

The last part of the segment and was one of the things Megan enjoyed the most about the program. She received calls and questions from fans, friends, competitors, and sponsors and responded live on the air.

Megan's sponsor, Tedde Davis of Total Quality Machining, called in during the program to convey how pleased she was to hear Megan on the radio and express her gratitude for Megan's dedication to the sport and her sponsors.
In closing the program, Megan gave Mr. Willets one of her fan club t-shirts and informed listeners of her website address ( where the shirts are available along with information about her race career, sponsorships, fan club membership, and contact information for Megan Reitenour Racing.
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