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  • Megan graduates from the Lyn St. James Driver Development Program
"The important thing is to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become."
- Charles Du Bois
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Volume 3
Ron's Pizza & Ribs - Ron Holp, the proprietor of Ron's Pizza and Ribs located at 1 S. Main Street in Miamisburg, Ohio, just keeps on doing what he's been doing for 39 years—making the best and friendliest pizza in town.

Holp got involved in the restaurant business at a drive-in on Route 4 and later in operating a Cassano's pizza franchise store on Miamisburg's Main Street.

On St. Patrick's Day 1964, he and his late wife Abbie opened Ron's Pizza on North 12th Street. Now located in the IOOF building on the west side of South Main Street.

Ron's Pizza has a menu that includes appetizers, pizza, ribs, sandwiches, seafood, soup & salad and many other selections and dinners to choose from. The variety will satisfy the entire family and let's not forget to mention they also offer a delicious assortment of desserts to complete the meal.

The IOOF building is a good location for Ron's—both the building and tenant are in the culture and fabric of the town built for dry goods proprietor William Hoff, who operated the business in partnership with son George and later grandson H.C. Hoff. The building is said to have been erected in sections, the north in 1855 and the south in 1872. Hoff and his sons remained in the north room on the lower level while other tenants have included dentists and attorneys, the Miamisburg News, the Home Telephone exchange, an insurance company and the Miamisburg Post Office.

The building was sold in 1915 to the IOOF and it became the IOOF building. The third floor was a beautiful ballroom which was used as a meeting room for Odd Fellows and Rebekahs and still remains today.
  • Megan was selected from more than 70 applicants as one of 24 female race car drivers (ages 13 to 29) from around the world invited to attend the prestigious Lyn St. James Driver Development Program in Phoenix, AZ.
In addition to getting to meet St. James (seven-time Indy 500 competitor), they were introduced to several expects in many fields including marketing, media, training, physical fitness, nutrition, and of course, driving techniques and concentration exercises.
During the four-day event, the schedule was busy to say the least. Day one started with business seminars which consisted of St. James sharing the "Do's and Don'ts" of beginning a career as a professional race car driver. This included tips and pointers for the drivers to market themselves in order to earn sponsorship.

She also touched base on what she feels makes up the "complete driver" which includes physical and mental preparation, support team, business savvy, goals, desires, results and talent, public relations/exposure, experience behind the wheel, integrity and image, technical knowledge, and professionalism. Public relations specialist Michael Knight also presented ways in which to approach potential sponsors, signing new sponsors, and keeping existing sponsors.

The second day, the focus switched to marketing and sponsor service. Mike Trotter, an accomplished executive, management consultant, researcher, teacher, and author spoke to the drivers about marketing opportunities and the way drivers should present themselves in their biographies and resumes. He also touched base on how to compile a press release for the news media.

The drivers were given a rigorous athletic performance evaluation which tested and covered body fat, grip strength, sit and reach ability, abdominal crunches, push-ups, and shoulder extensions.

Once they had completed the physical activities the drivers were tested for their mental alertness with an on the spot interview with Scott Simpson. The interviews were taped and played back. The drivers reviewed and critiqued each other. The interviewees were also analyzed by the interviewer, all in an effort to help the drivers become more prepared for public speaking and impromptu interviews. The drivers were then treated to a tour of Bondurant Museum followed by a catered dinner in the facility.
On day three, the mental games began. The speaker, Jacques Dallaire, Ph.D., tested the drivers on physical and mental sills for competition. This included concentration skills including reaction time and memory exercises. The six key rules of the mental road were covered as well as the 5 R's of negative thought stopping procedures. Emotions run high in the world of racing, so these mental exercises help the drivers control themselves and cope with difficult situations along with getting the best performance out of themselves through focus and concentration.
The fourth and final day was undoubtedly the most fun for Megan. The ground school covered concentration, vision, vehicle dynamics, and line technique. The drivers were treated to a day of driving, which consisted of racing 125cc go-karts. Upon evaluation, the drivers were moved to the next level, Pro Karts. The evaluation included the driver's input on what adjustments could be made to the car to make their performance better as well as tips and pointers on their driving techniques.
Once the evaluation of the Pro Karts was complete, drivers were chosen to drive the 2004 For Mustang GT based on their driving ability and racing knowledge on the track at Bondurant School of High Performance Driving.

After driving the 2004 For Mustang GT, a select number of drivers were invited to drive the Formula Ford. Driving the Formula Fords was by invitation only due to the speed of the cars. Megan was fortunate enough to get an invitation to drive the Formula Ford.

Megan said "it was really amazing and I would do it again in a minute." Megan feels the knowledge she received is invaluable and the experience was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in preparation for her future in racing. Being invited to participate in the Driver Development Program was an honor and privilege and meeting St. James was a high point for Megan. "She was a great inspiration and it was exciting to meet her and talk about racing."

Megan can't express in words her appreciation for the invitation to take part in this event and had one of the best times of her life.
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