Volume 16
In This Issue
  • Megan does benefit for breast cancer.
  • Megan attends fourth event as VIP at General Electric Safety week.
  • Megan's channel 7 and  22 television interviews.
  • Reitenour wins at Tri-County and captures Super Cup Stock Car Series Rookie of the Year.
Quote of the Week...
"Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born."
- Dale E. Turner
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Recent Events:
  • Megan was invited by Track Chic to attend a benefit for breast cancer. Megan traveled to Helen, GA where a tailgate party took place. Megan arrived and received her credentials and was escorted to an area where she set up her racing display. She and the other drivers then greeted and mingled with the guests as they arrived. Following the meet and greet each driver was brought on stage for an introduction and given the opportunity to review their career highlights. Following the introduction, lunch was served to the guests and drivers as the NASCAR race was shown on the platinum big screen television for all to enjoy. At the close of the event all the guests and drivers were thanked for their participation in supporting such a great cause. Megan said, "This was my first time being involved with this event. I was honored to get the opportunity to participate. I think it is a great benefit which I'm more than happy to support."
  • Megan was invited for a fourth season to appear at General Electric. Megan signed autographs and was on site the entire day at the plant for their celebration during safety week. Megan said "I love to visit GE. The people there are so nice, encouraging, and supportive. This is the fourth year in a row I've been able to participate. This event is one of my favorite appearances that I do throughout the year. As always I enjoyed the event and I can't thank them enough for their support. Keep it safe!"
  • Megan was invited by Ms. Margaret Brosko, Sports Anchor of WHIO-TV Channel 7 News and Mr. Luke Notestine, Sports Anchor of WKEF Channel 22 News for a guest appearance. Ms. Brosko was very interested with regards to Megan's invitation to the NASCAR Drive for Diversity Program and Mr. Notestine, highlighted Megan for the "she's got game" segment of their program. Numerous questions were asked by both anchors that included how she felt about the opportunity she was being given by the diversity program, how she got involved with racing, her future plans and goals, and her mentors or the people/sponsors whom have helped her with her career this far. Megan said, "It was really exciting and interesting visiting with both television hosts. I'm so thankful for such overwhelming support that I have received from all forms of media in my community. It's so nice to have such interest and I really appreciate it."
  • Megan wins Extreme Trophies 100 at Hickory, NC.
Reitenour qualified in the second position of a sixteen car field and wasted no time gaining the lead on the first lap of the race but the day was mired with adversity. On lap 46, contact was made between Reitenour and a competitor causing Reitenour to cut a right front tire down. Reitenour quickly pitted for a tire change and air pressure adjustment and strategically worked her way back through the field.
On lap 62, Reitenour was involved in a collision causing her to restart at the back of the field. Reitenour again, wasted no time working her way back to the front of the field and regained the first place position on lap 72. Megan Reitenour claimed her third victory of the season at Hickory Motor Speedway and captured the 2008 Rookie of the Year title for the series.
Reitenour said, "We had high expectations coming into today's race. We had a couple of obstacles but I kept my focus, communicated well with my team who provided me with a wicked fast race car and just worked my way to the front of the field for the win. We started the season out with a win and we ended the season with a win and I'm very happy with how our season turned out."
Quote of the Week...
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