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Volume 12
  • Reitenour named development driver for Nesbitt Racing
  • Megan is selected by NASCAR Images for a reality television show
  • Megan attends PRI Show in Orlando, Florida
  • Megan attends ARCA Lincoln Welder Truck Banquet and KOIL Tour Banquet
  • Megan invited as guest speaker at Young Guns event hosted by DARF
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Business Management Services LLC is located at 1550 Magnolia Drive in Cincinnati, OH and offers a variety of services and products for their customers including accounting, bookkeeping, accounts payable and receivable, banking, taxes, budgets and a comprehensive back office support for small business owners who just want to do the work they love and have someone else handle the other details. This well established business has been in existence for 27 years. Business Management Services also has a impressive product and services line that they offer which includes congregation Management software linked to QuickBooks. Churches and non-profit organizations can manage membership and stay on top of financials without entering data more than once. Megan Reitenour Racing has been a client of Business Management Services LLC for many years. Alex Alvarez, tax accountant and senior partner, decided to sponsor Megan because he sees such a sparkle in her father's eyes when he talks about Megan and her aspirations of racing. He felt this was one example of someone who is doing a lot with her life and comes from a strong family background. "We are very proud to be given the opportunity to support the efforts of Megan in her goal of championship racing. It will be an honor to be able to say we knew her when".
  • Megan has been selected as a developmental driver for Nesbitt Racing Enterprises, Inc. (NRE). She will race in a newly formed series called Super Cup Stock Car Series (SCSCS). This is a traveling series that will race at least six tracks in three different states.
Joe Schmaling, owner of Start to Finish Racing Productions, a former crew member for Harry Gant Racing in the Winston Cup Series and a USAR Hooter's Pro Cup Official, was instrumental in introducing Megan to Mart Nesbitt of NRE with their reputation as a well-established race team with an excellent race record in the Hooters Pro Cup Series.

Megan tested the car in late July 2007 and was recently selected to fill the position previously held by Michelle Theriault before she moved up to the ARCA Remax Series. Megan raced the 600-horse power Pontiac Grand Prix at Tri-County Speedway just outside of Asheville, North Carolina on Oct 27, 2007. These cars turn faster lap times than the NASCAR Craftsman Trucks at tracks like Tri-County Speedway.
After the race and having led 36 of the 50 laps, Reitenour commented, "I still have a lot to learn about the car and I'm glad to get the experience. This car is a lot heavier than what I'm used to racing and the track had changed a lot between practice and the start of the race. I learn so much every time I get into the car and I'm so thankful and excited for the opportunity. I want to thank Mr. Nesbitt and his team, Joe Schmaling, and my sponsors Horn & Hardart Coffee, Fat Headz Eyewear, Business Management Services, Corporate Marketing, Kathryn Raaker, Debbie Burkhardt and Ameriprise Financial."
Mr.Nesbitt said, "We were very impressed with Megan's drive and her desire to get the most out of her car. She had an excellent performance at Tri-County Speedway. She gained a great deal of respect from the other racers and people in attendance. As our developmental driver, we look forward to continuing to work with her in the future."
  • Megan was notified by James Spinks, General Manager of 600 Racing KOIL Series, that her information had been provided to NASCAR for consideration for a reality show highlighting the true life of a teenage female race car driver. Any further interest in her would be pursued by NASCAR Images. Soon after the initial contact, Reitenour received an e-mail requesting her to submit a short audition tape of herself in her everyday surroundings.
The video was created and included Reitenour discussing her hobbies and interests, along with footage of her cheering at a Miamisburg High School basketball game and a short segment of her and her crew chief, Toby Alfrey, working on her race car.
There were several applicants and Reitenour was notified that she is one of three race car drivers selected for the show. Reitenour said "I love reality television. I'm so excited to be given this opportunity." The show will follow three up and coming female race car drivers who are from Illinois, Florida, and Ohio. The show will be filmed at different locations and will continue throughout the 2008 racing season.
  • Megan, accompanied by her mother Tabatha, attended the 2007 PRI Show at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. This is one of the largest annual racing conventions. Megan was invited to represent the new Super Cup Stock Car Series (SCSCS) in which she will be competing this race season. She was on hand at the series booth signing autographs and answering questions throughout the two-day event.
Megan's car owner, Mart Nesbitt, and series promoter, Joe Schmaling, gave them a tour of the vast facility. Not only did Megan work the SCSCS booth, she was given the opportunity to ask questions and try out some of the most technically advanced products available in the industry today.

Megan was invited to the Project Podium Press Conference by Lyn St James, its creator. This project helps females in the field of racing receive the funding necessary to compete at the top levels of pro racing and help them prepare to win races and championships.

Megan said, "This was an unbelievable event. I appreciate all the time that Mart and Joe spent showing us around and it was a pleasure to be involved with the Project Podium Conference. I loved having the opportunity to speak with Lyn again. I admire her and appreciate everything that she does for female race car drivers and the sport."
  • Megan and her parents attended the 2007 KOIL Tour Banquet held at Belterra Casino in Rising Sun, IN. The evening started off with a welcome from the series promoter James Spinks after which a prayer was given and the drivers and guests were dismissed table by table to the buffet. The awards presentation followed dinner and dessert. Megan accepted her award plaque in the Semi-Pro Division. Megan thanked her sponsors, parents, race team and crew chief Toby Alfrey, competitors and the KOIL Tour Officials.
Megan dedicated her award in memory of her late sponsor Mark Johnson. Mark had been battling cancer and recently lost his battle the month before the banquet. Megan said "Mark and Shari Johnson have always been huge supporters of my racing. I know Mark is still watching over me just from a much better place. He will be greatly missed".
  • Megan and her father attended the 2007 ARCA Lincoln Welder Truck banquet at the Convention Center in Arlington, KY. The huge event had an attendance of over 500 and started with a meet and greet, hors d'oeuvres, and beverages. Ron Drager, President of ARCA, welcomed everyone and a prayer was given. The prime rib dinner and dessert followed. After dinner, each driver, team, and sponsor finishing in the top ten had the opportunity to speak. Megan said, "The ARCA Banquet always makes for a great time. I enjoy talking with Mark Gundrum and the drivers and teams that we competed against this year. There is a huge pool of talent in this series, some that I know I can learn a lot from. I hope to be able to attend more events this season."
  • Megan was invited to be a guest speaker at the 2008 Dayton Auto Racing Fans (DARF) Young Guns event. Each driver was introduced and given an opportunity to talk about their career and goals in racing. The spectators were able to ask specific questions to any of the 12 panel drivers in attendance. Megan said, "This was my third year attending the Young Guns Event. It is always fun and I really appreciate the support that DARF shows all race car drivers."
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