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  • Megan secures position in the ARCA Lincoln Welder Truck Series for 2007.
  • Megan Reitenour  Racing LLC 2006 Hospitality and Sponsorship Party
  • Megan's attends KOIL Banquet
  • Megan job shadows eight time ARCA Champion
  • Megan's attends ARCA Lincoln Welder Banquet
  • Megan's Channel 19 Television Appearance
"The future depends on what we do in the present." - Gandhi
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Cynthia L. Clack, CEO and owner of Doodles The American Poodle and Tiger Tale Publishing, located in Odessa, Texas. Cynthia has been an attorney and practicing law for twenty nine years. She specializes in family and children issue cases. Her desire was so strong to make a difference she started to teach children, parents, educators and counselors, by using her experiences and incredible imagination to bring to life, Doodles the American Poodle. A series of books relating to several real life incidences, struggles, triumphs and experiences that children have. Doodles the American Poodle becomes a celebrity, a hero, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. One book in the series relates to a little girl who's parents have divorced and another was written for, and dedicated to, children whose parents are serving in the United States Military.

Cynthia decided to become involved with racing when she was told about Megan trying to live her dreams as a professional race car driver. Being an advocate for children, she said "I was a little hesitant at first contributing to help a fifteen year old young lady race cars, I prayed and followed my instinct. I just knew it was the right thing to do. I recently met Megan and her parents and it confirmed for me that I had made the right decision. I'm looking forward to watching her progress and I plan to include Megan as a character in one of my series of books. "To learn more about Cynthia, or Doodles The American Poodle you can go to the following website
  • Megan will be participating in the ARCA Lincoln Welder Truck Series in 2007. Megan will be driving the a 2006 Chevrolet Colorado Truck, sponsored by Horn & Hardart Coffee, Acorn Financial, Wendell Greene Motors, Total Quality Machining, Quality Architecture and Fabrication, PR Image Design, and Girls Only Motorsports. These trucks are powered by a six-cylinder engine with a four-speed transmission and can reach speeds of 130mph.
The series is a highlight attraction for the ARCA Remax Series which will run in seven different states including the Province of Ontario, Canada. The projected schedule is for 12- 15 events, on a dozen different tracks including asphalt and dirt racing.

Megan will be the youngest driver to compete in the history of the series and the only female slated to run in the series in 2007. Megan said, "I'm so thankful to be given this opportunity. I have so many people to thank that have made this possible for me. I want to thank my sponsors, to put it simply we could not be doing what we are doing if it wasn't for them. I would like to thank my agent, Kathryn Raaker, Mark Gundrum, and last, but surely not least, my parents. This has been a non-stop group effort to get me into this series and I'm so grateful to everyone that has helped us and I'm so excited about the season ahead of us."
  • Megan Reitenour Racing LLC had our second annual hospitality and sponsorship party. Several sponsors, guests and family members were on hand to celebrate the season that Megan and her team had. The party started off with hors d'oeuvres and dinner. Megan was then introduced and welcomed her sponsors, guests, and family. She was presented an acting award by Kerry Wallum, producer from the movie "Blood Stalk and The Lights".  Kerry was on location for a movie and flew in to personally present Megan will her award. Megan said, "it was so nice of Kerry to go to so much trouble to attend our party. It was a wonderful surprise to have him with us". There was also a review of this year's season and a presentation of Megan's projected career goals for 2007. To conclude the evening, Megan was on hand to mingle with her sponsors, guests, friends and family members. She signed autographs and memorabilia throughout the evening.
  • Megan, her race team and sponsors, Denny and Mary Ann Motter and Mark and Shari Johnson attended the 2006 KOIL Tour Banquet at Belterra Casino in Rising Sun, IN. The evening started off with a welcoming from the series promoter, James Spinks. A prayer was given and the drivers and guests were dismissed table by table to the buffet. Following the dinner and wonderful dessert, the awards were then presented. Megan was invited to the stage and awarded her plaque for her fourth place finish in the Semi-Pro Division. Megan thanked her sponsors, parents, race team and crew chief, Toby Alfrey, her competitors and the KOIL Tour Officials. This was Megan's first year in the series and with her fourth place standing, she is the youngest driver to place in the top five and the first ever female to place in the top ten in the series history.
  • Megan, her father and agent, Kathryn Raaker were invited to the 2007 ARCA Lincoln Welder Awards Banquet. This banquet was held at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center in Arlington, Kentucky. This was a huge event consisting of 500+ in attendance. The event started with a meet and greet, hors d'oeuvres, and beverages. Followed by the welcoming from the President of ARCA, Ron Drager. A prayer was then given, followed by a plate dinner of prime rib and let's not forget Megan's favorite part, dessert. After dinner each driver, team, and sponsor finishing in the top ten had the opportunity to address all in attendance. Megan said, "it was an awesome event for my dad and I to experience. I want to thank Mark Gundrum for the invitation and for all his advice and help with regards to my racing career. We had a great time talking to several of the drives and team members that we had the opportunity to meet this year and felt fortunate to get to participate in the celebrations."
  • During Megan's Career Exploration Class she was required to participate in a job shadow. Megan had the pleasure to meet Frank Kimmel, eight time ARCA Remax Champion and spend time with him and his team. Frank was one of the first people that came to Megan's mind when she was thinking of whom she could job shadow. Megan and her father had the opportunity to speak with Frank at the ARCA Lincoln Welder Banquet. Megan explained that she was required to job shadow a profession for a school project and would love it if he would have the time to let her job shadow him for the day. Frank graciously agreed. Megan accompanied by her father, drove to Clarksville, IN, to job shadow, Frank Kimmel for the day. Megan and her father met Frank and his team at his race shop at 8:30AM. Megan first conducted an interview with Frank she asked him how he got started in racing, what he felt the pro's and con's of being in the profession and his future plans. After the interview Frank Sr. and Frank Jr. gave Megan and her father a tour of the facility. They had the opportunity to watch Frank's team working on building a new race car. Around 12:00PM they had lunch at Steak & Shake and met Frank's parents, as he does every day for lunch. After a quick lunch they returned to the race shop and helped Frank. He and his team worked on Frank Jr's stock car.
Around 3:00PM Megan and her father were invited in Frank's office and sat down for a long conversation. Frank gave them some great advice. He shared many of his experiences and provided several do's and don'ts he has learned over the years in racing. Megan said, "My father and I had a great time visiting Frank Kimmel and his team. We learned so much and received some great advice. Job shadowing Frank Kimmel was awesome and it just made my desire even stronger to have my career as a professional racecar driver. I truly loved and valued the experience and I'm so thankful that Frank and his team would allow me this wonderful opportunity."
  • Megan was invited to be the featured guest on the live broadcast on Fox Channel 19 News Station out in Cincinnati, OH. Megan appeared on the morning news and was welcomed by the stations manager, Helen Barnes. Megan filmed a one on one interview with the morning anchor, Rob Williams. During the interview Megan was asked a series of questions about the diversity in racing to what kind of support she receives from her family and race team. Several pictures were displayed of Megan and actual racing footage of Megan was shown. Megan also presented Rob with one of her latest racing shirts. These shirts and the complete interview will soon be available on Megan's website.
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